Should You Represent Yourself?

This eBook will help you decide whether you should represent yourself.

Understand Key Terms


The eBook on Divorce will help you understand the vocubalry of divorce.

Divorce Strategy


This eBook will enable you to develop a strategy and a plan for your divorce.

About the Author
This ebook is authored by Richard S Granat, a divorce attorney based in Maryland and one of the first lawyers in the country to create a virtual law firm providing legal services in family law to citizens of the State of Maryland. He is the author of "How to Do Your Own Divorce in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia,"


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"I have found this book on divorce to be very helpful in understanding what the steps are in getting a divorce and deciding whether to represent myself."

Lisa P.

Free eBook on Divorce

What You Need to Know About Getting a Divorce.

This eBook will enable you to review the steps necessary to get a divorce.
The information contained in this eBook applies in all states.

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